Steel Parts for Solar Power Plants

Our >60% Turn-over & manufacturing capacity is dedicated to supply for Solar power plants. We manufacture almost every kind of metal part including roll formed profiles for Utility scale solar power projects (mainly trackers), except Aluminium profiles & sections, gearbox & Bearings.

We are prefered & single source supplier for our customers, due to in house production capacities, ready raw material stocks to be able to quickstart productions & surly due to our best in industry prices.

Reason of Our Economical Supply:

 Own Manufacturing of Majority articles, including platings

 International Raw material sourcing

 High volume Raw Material purchase & Stock for economical purchase prices

 Self-Financed working capital & Infrastructure

 Close proximity to Major International Sea Port: Mundra-India

 Location with Low Infrastructure & labour costs (Away from Metro Cities)

 Low Margin Business policy to sustain growth

Our Advantages to Customers

Our General Advantages:
– Assured Quality commitments & Documentation as per customer’s need
– Assured delivery times
– Contracts, responsibility & Patent laws assured as per European/International laws
– Quick shipment from Western Port of India, Mundra
– Ideal partner for supply for small projects due to wide verity of Supply articles (From 1 – 20 MW)
– Capacity to supply for Large Projects, based on proven experiences for supplies up to 350 MW
Our Project Handling Advantages:
– Article & Box labelling as customer need (Including bar code)
– Kit wise packing / Delivery schedules
– Efficient Logistic & export Handlings
– Excellent Communications direct with dedicated Project Handling Manager on the shop floor.
– Well experienced to handle multiple parallel projects
Our Rescue (Quick) handling Advantages:
(For small after orders/Last stage design changes/Short supplies)
– Quick sourcing / Manufacturing
– Quick & economical Air-shipment Handlings including worldwide DDP delivery arrangements
– Smooth documentation handling
As Long-term Partner Advantages:
– Lean Manufacturing & sourcing process to attend growing demands
– Transparent & stable Prices
– Stocking & Warehousing based on your Product specific needs.
– Dependable single source supplier for key components

Our Example products in Production:

Fabricated parts: Laser cut, Bend & Weld parts

We are well economical supplier of Fabricated parts, Especially, if required HDG / Z600; Which are now becoming more in demand even in C3/C4 corrosion class environments. as well as turns outstanding than our competitors when high accuracy of articles may be required For example: precision hole for bearing housing, matching the holes after bending, specific bending angles would needed etc.

With our production capacity achieved upto 60 tone/day we are well capable to supply for large projects. With support of our existing customers, we are expanding further to achieve our production capacity to 100 tone/day.

our example products are: Reinforcement strips/plates, Channels, holding plates, frame holders, post extensions, bearing housings, adapter sheets, gearbox holder, gearbox connectors, tube connectors, tube holders etc.

Information about our manufacturing capacity:

Machined parts: Shafts, Pins, Rollers

We are being OEM for farm & off road vehicles, We are well equipped & experienced to produce Precision machined parts. Due to increased product performance need the solar industries have started using high end bearings, tracker drive mechanisms & many pivotal parts.

With large machining capacity & plating facility we have been able to supply such parts for more than 2 GW of projects worldwide.

our examples parts are: Roller shafts, drive shafts, bearing shafts, roller pins, spacer pins, locking pins, spacer plates etc.

Fasteners – Nuts, Bolts & Washers

The fasteners being a critical parts for Solar power installations, Their strength quality & anti corrosive property have gained a prime importance. due to our strategic advantages of procurements & inhouse-plating process, We are an economical & dependable supplier of almost all kind of standard & special fasteners.

Due to our policy to maintain inventory & close proximity of Steel & stainless steel fastener manufacturers, we are able to start supply quickly. Due to our expert logistic team, we are very much versatile to supply for  small quantity supplementary orders during installation or for spares, generally delivered by air-freights.

Information about our manufacturing capacity:

Stamping parts – clips, clamps, spacer plates

The small stamping parts (sheetmetal cut & Bend parts) are generally standard in design & not prone to project specific changes. Due it is big quantity need, The consideration of economy becomes important. Since, we are based at low manpower cost area & backed be latest plating techniques we are in good advantage to supply small fitting parts for Fixtilt or Tracker systems.

Our example products are: Module clamps, module spacers, earthing clamps, various kind of clips, special fasteners clips etc.

Aluminium PDC parts

We supply the aluminium pressure die-casted parts on behalf of our trusted partner, located ca. 10 km from us. The aluminium parts have gained importance due to fast & economical production + it’s self life, without to consider about corrosion.

For our customers, we have turned few parts from stamping of plates & produced from aluminium special profiles to Pressure die-casted parts.

Our example products are: pulley, clamps, module spacers, fastener position holders etc.

Roll formed Profiles

The Roll Formed profiles are most important parts on solar structures, While it is not much labour intensive process, our supply advantage is not drastic. Due to our limited capacity we couse on to supply: heavy profiles for post, simple C-profiles or the profiles to be supplied as semi-assemblies with other parts.

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