Sand Casting / Foundry

The City Rajkot is Internationally famous for its engineering manufacturing industries, specially having large clusters of  castings & forging units. Our Partner for Sand casting is just next door to our Kotharia Machining unit who is also having >60% export share for their production, We act as their overseas representative since over a decade & share a sizable turnover.

The Modern foundry shop is equipped with Induction furnaces, Green sand molding plant, Shell molding, cold box, No-bake process & sand reclamation plant etc. with Inbuilt sand & material testing facilities. The regular products are from size 0,5 kg upto 2000 kg single pieces. Monthly production capacity >1200 tone/month. The foundry is approved by several multinational corporates, which is evident of its technical capability, highest safety & environmental standards.

Green Sand molding Line / High-pressure Moulding

  • Semi automatic moulding line with capacity approx. 300 ton/month
  • Box size: 600 x 600 mm & 800×800 mm with a capacity of 30 moulds per hour
  • Box size: 400 x 400 mm box size upto 60 moulds per hour.
  • Sand Reclamation Plant Capacity: 9 + 6 tones/hours

No Back (Furan Resin) Molding Line

  • With fully automatic FAST loop molding & pouring line from Fa. Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd.
  • Box/Pallet size: 1300x1100x450 mm with capacity 50 moulds/hour
  • Sand Mixture Capacity: 1) 20 tones/hours 2) 10 tons/hours 3) 3 tons/hour

Common Running grades

SG Iron / Ductlie Iron EN-GJS-700-6 (Special Grade)

EN-GJS-700-2 (GGG-70)

EN-GJS-600-3 (GGG-60)

EN-GJS-500-7 (GGG-50)

EN- GJS-400-15 (GGG-40)


Gray Cast Iron EN-GJL-300 (GG30)

EN-GJL-250 (GG25)

EN-GJL-200 (GG20)

EN-GJL-150 (GG15)

 Photo Gallery

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