We are Organically grown company with our 100% self-financed investments. Because we are located away from Very large & expensive city area our need of capital cost is low. Our expertise of inhouse machinery recondition & repair adds further advantage of  lower capital investment needs. Since we manufacture high value added articles & we offer service upto door delivery, our Profit margin are also good to be able to finance our expansion.

  • Own Manufacturing of Majority articles or Faithfull Supply Partners
  • International Raw material sourcing (advantage of 100% EOU Unit)
  • High volume Raw Material purchase & Stock for economical purchase prices
  • Self-Financed working capital & Infrastructure
  • Close proximity to Major International Sea Port: Mundra – India
  • Location with Low Infrastructure & labour costs (Away from Metro Cities)
  • Low Margin Business policy to sustain growth
  • We can reconstruct the part as raw casting/forging from machined drawing / samples avilable or from rough sketches.
  • We help customers to reconstruct the part with different production method, For example from steel casting to Forging, From Weld construction to cast part etc.
  • Our manufacturing knowledge helps our customers to design the part for better production economy, by small changes
  • We try to involve in the product application to improve the functionality/life of the parts
  • We are expert in anti-corrosive coating/plating techniques, We help our customers to opt right method for longer life time.

Timely delivery commitments is a top priority for us, hence we had opt not to take new customers before our expansions.  After our increased capacity, we try to keep manufacturing capacity dedicated for each customers.  We have proved so far & we are able to rapidly expand our production capacity. Because of lower investment costs it is not a burden for us to keep idle/inactive excess capacity, instead it may provide us an new opportunity for our business expansion. Hence as per our strategy the free capacity for our customers will be always guaranteed.

We export containers every week from Rajkot, with articles for various customers in Europe, They are sold from Patel India to  Germany based Anant GmbH. They are imported in Germany by Anant GmbH after payment of import duties & than distributed for door delivery by regular trucks. Anant GmbH would write Invoice for supply of goods in Europe.

We stock the articles in India. Since we have every week containers, we commit our customers to deliver the fram order parts in 35 days as door delivery. FYI The Port to Port transit time is only 22 days + 4 days before shipment + 5 days after shipment + 4 days as cushion.

India is a bureaucratic country, Which would require many documentations for exports. For our Solar Power Project supply business, We need multiple transports & very frequent air-shipments for supplement deliveries. The Solar Projects are truly world wide & hence the shipment arrangements are also needed individually destined for on site delivery. Very often we also have to involve in project supply communications with update & schedule delivery plans etc. Hence our Logistic team is also part of our Project handling capacity.

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