Steel Plate Cutting, Forming & Welding : Fabrication

We undertake manufacturing of steel plate Small to large parts, but only in medium to large quantity orders. Here highlight of Our in-house manufacturing at a glance:

Qty: Machine Type: Installed in Production Max. Working Capacity / Size
1 Laser Cutting Machines 3 kW, with pallet changer Max plate size: 6300 x 2000 x thickness up to 20 mm
1 Laser Cutting Machines 2.2 kW, with pallet changer Max plate size: 3100 x 1500 x thickness up to 15 mm
2 Laser Cutting Machines 1 kW Max plate size: 3100 x 1500 x thickness up to 6 mm
5 CNC & Conventional Shearing / Guillotine Cutting machines Max. Cutting thickness: 10 mm Max. Width: 4150 mm
6 CNC & Conventional Hydraulic Press-Brake machines Max. Bending thickness: 10 mm Max. Width: 4150 mm
2 CNC Plate Folding Machines Max. Bending thickness: 4 mm Max. Width: 3150 mm
6 Hydraulic Bending & Punching Machines Max. Plate thickness: 5 mm Max. Width: 600 mm
8 Mechanical Power Presses: For Stamping & Punching Max. Plate thickness: 10 mm Max. Power : 160 tone
2 Welding Cell with MIG & TIG Welding
2 SAW Welding source with Tracks: for liner welding Up to 10 000 mm length
1 Welding Robot ABB with MIG source Kemppi Max. Reach 1520 mm, 6-axis
Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant Capacity: 60 tone/day
Quality Control Facility: 3D Measurements, Large precision surface table, Mechanical property testing lab, Plating Thickness Measurements, Radiographic & Ultrasonic Tastings for Welds (External), Chemical composition testing (External).

Laser Cutting Machines

We are equipped with 3x high speed Fiber optic laser cutting machines. Our biggest machine have working area of 6300 x 2000mm. Ability to cut bigger size plates results in higher economy for bigger part cutting i.e. lower westage.

With our expert design team we are able to nest the parts with minimum wastage of raw materials, making us extremely economical laser cutters internationally.

Shearing, Press Brake, Folding & Hydraulic Bending/Punching machines

With Shearing, Press Brakes, Folding machines & Hydraulic bending + Punching machines we are able to produce almost every kind of sheet metal forming  articles. With 20+ machines, we are able to split the production steps on multiple machines, instead of having frequently setting up the machine for particular bending & forming works.

Our Folding machines are specially used to bend precisely thinner plates in longer lengths & to avoid damage of Pre-Galvanized plates.

The small sized Hydraulic bending machines, we use for high production small parts bending to be able to produce fast & cost-effective.

With This facility of Laser cutting, Shearing & Bending  we can quickly produce the parts in very large quantity & with very high economy for Utility scale solar power plants. With full capacity we have achieved to produce approx 50 tone of parts per day.

Mechanical power presses

The Mechanical power presses are best economical way for high quality productions. With this we are able to supply small sheet metal press cut & Bend parts (called stamping parts). In free time our presses are also utilized to produce standard DIN fasteners out of waste sheets from laser cutting machines.

Welding Facility

We are equipped with modern welding facility backed by expert welding team & a welding robot.Our primary products are Weld assemblies for solar power plants,  agriculture &  construction equipments.

With MIG, TIG & SAW welding tracks we are able to manufacture almost every kind of weld assemblies.

Our added advantage is to supply Weld assemblies followed by precision machining or welding which would include precision machined parts.

Raw Material Stock

The Key cost for fabrication high volume parts is the basic raw material costs. Due to our high production volume &  own financial strength we keep a stock of 1000+ tone of high strength steel coils (mainly 1500mm width coils of grade S355,  S420, S355GD Z600, S420GD Z600 ) of size 2, 3 & 4 mm. Which helps us to quickly start the production for any project specific demands.

While we are a 100% export oriented unit in India, we enjoy special advantage to import raw steel coils/Pre-Galvanized steel coils from International market without having paid any import / anti-dumping duties.

We keep these stock partly in our own warehouse at Hadamtla as well as at our partner’s facility with cut-to-length facility.

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