We have over 15000 square meter (over 1,60,000 sq ft), Natural climate-controlled, with excellent ventilation & Spacious manufacturing area. Our drive-in doors, overhead cranes, 3x forklifts, 3x Container loading ramps, Pick-up van & Material transport trolly with tractor makes our facility well efficient for handling large/continues load of products. Our supporting onsite facility includes: Staff residence, Hygienic lavatory facilities, staff relaxing/recreation & dining room , 2x Staff Bus for fee commute of employes & many other facilities which would add value to our workplace atmosphere.

Unit-1/DTA & Unit-2/ EOU Unit

The Patel Technomation Pvt. Ltd is divided is 2x commercial entity based on nature of sale with one legal form:

Unit-1 as DTA (Domestic Tariff Area) Unit: This unit would sale the products to Indian local market as well as do export

Unit-2 as 100%EOU (Export Oriented Unit) : This unit would export 100% of their products out of India, This unit can import anything without any import/anti-dumping duties for re-exports.


We are located at following places:

Kotharia- Rajkot: this is our first location, now is in urban city area – Which would limit our expansion potensial

Hadamtala – Rajkot: this is our new location with total land holding > 14 acre (5,7 Hectare)

Pardi – Rajkot: This is right on the highway between Kotharia – Hadamtala – Serves as additional storage

Unit-1: Kotharia – Rajkot Primarily used for Casting Machining: Built up area approx. 2000 sq. m. with cranes 5 tone, 3 tone & 8 tone

  • Horizontal Machining centers (HMCs)
  • Big size CNC Turning center & CNC Vertical turret lathe (VTL)
  • Bigger sized – Vertical Machining centers (VMC)
  • Office space for Finance, Purchase, Import & Export departments
  • Quality control department: with 3D Measurement arm & digital Height gauges
  • Quality control department for control at Vendor side
Unit-1: Hadamtala – Rajkot Primary use for CNC Machining : Built up area approx. 2600 sq. m.

  • CNC Turning centers & Vertical Machining Centers (VMC)
  • CNC Cylindrical Grinding machine, Centerless Grinding machines
  • CNC Bar cutting machines & Band saw
  • Final Cleaning & Packaging for small machined parts
  • Quality control head office & Quality control documentation department
  • Quality control for Machined parts with 3D measurement arm & Height gauges
  • Programing & design team: CNC Machining
  • Administrative office including HR department
  • Container loading/unloading ramp 1
Shed 1: Unit-2 (EOU) – Hadamtala Primary use as Fabrication shop; Built up area approx. 2500 sq. m.

  • 3x Laser cutting machines
  • CNC Press Brake & Auto matic folding machines
  • Plate shearing machines
  • Power & Hydraulic presses for stamping & bend parts
  • Welding cell & Welding robot
  • Assembly tables
  • Design for Fabrication parts & quality control office
  • Container loading/unloading ramp 2
Shed 2: Unit-2 (EOU) – Hadamtala : Primary use as Fastener shop; Built up area approx. 2300 sq. m.

  • Automatic Zinc-flake plating plant
  • Storage for Fasteners
  • Fasteners Final packing as per kit area
  • Quality control laboratory for : Tensile, Hardness, impact & torque tests
  • Flammable chemical storage
  • Storage for ready stocks
Shed 3: Unit-2 (EOU) – Hadamtala : Hot Dip Galvanizing Unit; Built up area approx 2200 sq. m.

  • Jig trolly park, loading/unloading area:  Before & after HDG
  • Pre-treatment area (Degreasing, Pickling & Fluxing)
  • Dryer area
  • Hot dip Galvanizing bath
  • Final treatment area (Quenching, Passivation & final touch up)
  • Effluent treatment plants for Acid Fumes & Zinc Fumes
  • Effluent treatment plant for spent water
Shed 4: Unit-2 – Hadamtala : Primary use for Surface Finishings: Built up area approx 2500 sq. m.

  • Automatic alkaline Zinc Barrel plating Plant: For fasteners & small parts
  • Automatic alkaline Zinc rack plating plant: For Shafts, Stamping parts & Machined parts
  • Automatic Electro deposition paint (KTL) Plant
  • Automatic alkaline Zinc-Nickel (Zi-Nn) barrel Plating plant: For fasteners
  • Finished goods storage & final packing
Unit-1 – Pardi Rajkot Primary used for storage: built up area approx 1000 sq. m.

  • storage for steel plates & raw materials
  • storage for some extra machines
On Going expansion   Shed 5: Unit-2 : will be finished by Dec 2020 Approx 3000 sq. m.

  • will be used expanding SAW, MIG & Robotic welding
  • will be used for expanding assembly work of sheet metal articles for solar industries

Shed 6: Unit-2 : will be finished by Dec 2020 Approx 3000 sq. m.

  • will be used for start of production of Roll formed profiles
  • Roll forming machines
  • Automatic profile punching line
  • Container loading ramp 3
Free Land Free space/Land avilable for future expansion

  • approx 30 000 sq. m. free land avilable for immediate expansion at Hadamtala premise
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