Our Manufacturing facility is at Rajkot – Gujarat, India. Rajkot is Internationally famous for its engineering manufacturing industries, specially having large clusters of  castings & forging units.

Our Approved sourcing partner are backbone of our core business. It is our strong mutual relation with sourcing partners ; which provides a great strength to be able to cater our customers at most qualitative & price effective manner.

  • Sand Casting upto 1250 kg: Gray Iron, SG Iron, Steel & alloy castings
  • Lost wax (Investment) Castings upto 70 kg: A wide range of materials
  • Shell-mold casting: 25 gm – 20 kg
  • Closed Die Forging upto 50 kg / piece: Carbon, alloy and stainless steel
  • Open Die Forging upto 20000 kg: alloy steel
  • Pressure die castings upto 2 kgs per piece: Aluminium
  • Stainless steel & high tensile fastener manufacturers

In addition, Our Supervision & In process Quality checks, serves as constant observers behalf of the customer.

The casting services are available thorough our partner & adjacent company ( capacity: 500 gram upto 2000 kg single piece)

The foundry shop is equipped with Indusction furnaces, Green sand molding plant, Shell molding, cold box, No-bake process & sand reclamation plant etc. with Inbuilt sand & material testing facilities

Green Sand molding : With Semi automatic moulding line suitable for box size 600 x 600 mm with a capacity of 30 moulds per hour & with 400 x 400 mm box size upto 60 moulds per hour.

No Back Molding: With fully automatic FAST loop molding & pouring line from Fa. Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd.
with capacity of sand molding upto 20 tone per hour

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